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A comprehensive guidance program is an integral part of the educational process.  It fosters the academic, career, and personal/social development of students so that they become productive and responsible citizens in a diverse and global community.

School Counselors interact not only with students, but also with parents, teachers, administrators, and outside agencies and organizations in order to provide the best educational environment and opportunities for all students.  School counselors are committed partners in student achievement.


Rhonda Harris, Supervisor

882006_83103_0.png Elementary Guidance Program
882006_83103_0.png Intern/Practicum Placement
882006_83103_0.png Staff Recruitment
882006_83103_0.png Guidance Screenings
882006_83103_0.png CST/Intervention Liaison
882006_83103_0.png Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution Program

Shanshera Quinn, Supervisor

882006_83103_0.png Middle Guidance Program
882006_83103_0.png District Level Special Placement
882006_83103_0.png Student Records (FERPA)
882006_83103_0.png Spirit of Unity Program
882006_83103_0.png Recognition of Academically Talented Students

Angelique Xenick, Supervisor

882006_83103_0.png Senior High Guidance Program
882006_83103_0.png Graduation Advisement
882006_83103_0.png High School Registrars
882006_83103_0.png Transcript Interpretation

Ansberto Vallejo, Supervisor

882006_83103_0.png Career and Postsecondary Guidance Program
882006_83103_0.png PSAT, SAT, ACT Testing
882006_83103_0.png Scholarships/Bright Futures and Financial Aid
882006_83103_0.png National Merit Scholars Program
882006_83103_0.png Talented 20
882006_83103_0.png Tribune Honors Program
Bilingual Guidance Services

Adriana Magaña, School Counselor
Araseli Martinez-Peña, School Counselor
Sylvia Santana, School Counselor

Last Modified: May 29, 2014